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Volunteer Committees

Newsletter Committee

Purpose: to share pertinent information with our members for inclusion in the monthly newsletter. Committee members will email the Director of Public Relations information on job opportunities, business openings and existing member news to be highlighted in upcoming newsletters.  Note: news about a member must be approved by them prior to being printed. Committee members may share photos and articles that they would like to include in the newsletter with the Director of Public Relations. We are also working on turning this into a social media committee. Please reach out to if you have any expertise or interest in social media.

Outreach Committee

Purpose: to arrange volunteer projects and events for GBCA members to participate in and give back to the community. This committee will work closely with the Director of Public Relations to promote and highlight these events in the GBCA newsletter.


Membership Committee

Purpose: to welcome new members, verify employment and report back to the Director of Membership. Volunteers will assist at the registration table during meetings and events.


Trade Show Committee

Purpose: to work closely with the Affiliate Representative to plan, orchestrate and showcase the annual GBCA Hospitality Trade Show. Duties include, enlisting businesses to showcase their goods and services at the trade show; verifying recipient information before the event; and assisting the Affiliate Representative as needed to ensure a successful event.


Ethics Committee

Purpose: to structure a program that defines the ethical practices of the GBCA. Members will meet and discuss ways to share ethical practices with members. Members will come up with policies as well as assist in designing, training and implementing ethical practices.

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